Monday, January 18, 2016


Struggle is a big word. Everyone struggles for something. Since we are in womb, we are strugglers, isn't it? We often say ours problem is biggest of all. We struggle for studies (for us the students) and make a big fuss of it! But do you ever wonder that out there , banyak yang tengah struggle for something much more precious.

....A father who struggle to make a living for his childrens.

....A cancer patient struggle to fight the small evil thing growing inside his/her body

....Or maybe, a man struggling for his last breath?

Apa lah sangat nak banding dgn our struggle kan? Not saying its easy, but we can STILL do it actually kan?. There's no need to brag all the time " Oh this is so hard, you know my studies are so hard? Susah gila.Bla bla bla" ( I do this too most of the time)

You have the will, you'll do it. You"ll manage. You know how much is your own ability. You , yourself know how far can you STRUGGLE? Right?  Because we are born STRUGGLERS πŸ˜™

Make your struggle a worthy one. Make your parents proud. Don't struggle aimlessly.

Get a degree. Get a job. Get your dream life. πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»

At the end, you"ll know the struggle is the one that makes you better.Struggle for a better dunya and Akhirah 😘😘


Adios 🚢🏼

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Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hi !

Wow what a pathetic title isn't it ?

Heartbroken. Patah hati.

Usually people relate heartbreak with relationships , yeah but there are a lot of reason to be heartbroken right ? Exams, career,desire,needs anything that is not fulfilled, or maybe isn't accomplished or doesn't go as you planned will give you heartbreak. I bet all of us , pernah once in a life heartbroken. *yeah yeah me too*

Its painful right ? You''ll feel depressed, feel that this world mean nothing, feel gloomy, feel down, rasa serba tak kena, rasa hidup tak adil. Aku rasa everyone should go through this thing once in life, hahahaa bukan nak doakan tak baik baik, but you'll learn something from all this.

In this critical heartbroken period *fuhhh* , you'll eventually learn to bring out your inner strength. You'll know how to manage your emotion, manage your feelings, and learn how to get through this critical things. At the same time, hampa jugak akan kenai sapa dia kawan yang hampa boleh harap nak nangis, nak luah perasaan, kawan yang boleh comfortkan hang. You''ll learn who will always be there for you. Patah hati ni bukan benda biasa *i guess* sebab in medical side, anything causing depression is harmful for your health.

Depressed--takmau makan--takmau jumpa orang---unaware of surrounding--feel miserable--affect your daily life--health problem.


Why I'm posting this all of sudden ?

Aku heartbroken ka ?*well itu dulu*
My friends. A lot of people around me heartbroken. Kawan sedih, takkan la kita tak sedih kan ? But anyway, i still believe everything happens for a reason. and specially in case of relationship............ Takpa, better one will come for you :)

So, kalau heartbroken, Takpa, cry as much as you want, tell anyone you trust the most, lepaskan semua *let it gooooo* Its a natural reaction. Get through that depression thing, believe that something better will come after that . Percayalah :)

Till then, bye !

p/s: EOB in two weeks, doakan !

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fresh Start !

HYE ! 
Its been a year since I last updated my blog, being so busy and lazy too , Guess where I am now ? 
Alhamdulillah, after my matriculation break, waited for so long, interviews and all that, finally . I got Medicine in UNIMAS. Hooray ! Dreams came true , yeppp :D
Punya lah lama tak update blog, sampai dah second year degree ni, see the gap ? 

Well, basically lepas dah masuk Medic ni, ramai yang tanya, okay tak? susah tak? stress? DAH BEDAH ORANG BELUM? -____-   what !!?? 
Apa hampa expect kami masuk hari pertama degree pegang pisau belah orang ???  Nahh, its a common perception of people toward those who take medicine. They expect us to know like EVERY single thing about medicine. Serious! People expect us to live healthily, being aware of EVERY health things and the most common thing we'll hear is .......

"Alahhhh, budak medic kot takkan ni pun taktauu"
One month back, my family was having a family gathering, and what to expect else in such gathering ? Of course some MEDICINE things. I was literally fed up, because holiday means holiday please, no medic terms at all please ! HAHA , just joking. 
Masa gathering tu, ada la sekali aku masuk dapoq, aku tolong, pastu nak guna microwave oven nak panaskan makanan. Suddenly, my aunt stopped me...

" Eh no, you can't heat that in microwave oven, or else the food will bla bla bla bla bla. You SHOULD know, Medical student kan "
 See that ? -_- Dah kebal la dengan statement macam ni sebenarnya. 

How about life being a medical student ?Very busy! Selalunya budak degree lain akan cakap, "Kitorang pun busy jugak, banyak assignment,banyak assessment". Yes, I admit that , they have a busy life too. Semua course susah. What makes MEDIC extra susah ?

1- Kelas pack, starts as early as and ends as late as 5 pm. Depends on the timetable. And our timetable is fixed by the faculty. Bukan mcm student course lain,boleh susun jadual sendiri :(

2- We have less holidays. Basically, in our faculty (Unimas) , we only have holidays for festive season (Raya,CNY,Gawai etc etc) and one month - end of year holiday. Thats it . We don't have mid semester break, sem breaks for like 2-3 months and long holidays. Less holidays, means MORE classes, that just because our syllabus is very broad and there are a lot of thing to cover in 5 years .

3- We need to revise all thing daily, weekly,monthly , yearly EVERYDAY ! although sometimes we are procrastinating too Yes, and that is beause we have to apply those thing in future, We're going to deal with human life, not merely a simple thing, its HUMAN LIFE dude ! Not to judge all other students, but from what I know laaaa, orang lain rilek rilek ja, nak dekat exam baru study. KOT. 

4- We have to be extra good in english, Language is not an easy thing kan? Our syllabus is fully in english, some high standard words, some medical terms. We have to communicate in English, our PBL session , our lecturers are some foreigners. So, we need to be good in english. But in a way, it helped me a lot to improve in english. :)

5- HUMAN IS COMPLICATED. and what do you expect when you have to learn every single possible thing in human ? from the smallest cell to the biggest organ, the Anatomy, Physiology,Pathology,Biochemistry bla bla bla. Kind of headache. 

Well, I hope I have pictured the hardness of MEDICINE. Its more harder that what written here. but hey! If you enjooyed it,learn it by heart and put some efforts, it won't be that hard right ? *ayat sedapkan hati sebenaqya* :)

So, I guess that's it for now. My fresh start of blogging , again ! Takpayah la baca post post lepas, tu merapu meraban semua . Bye ! 

-8.37 pm- *studying anatomy for Quiz this Tuesday*

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor - 10 months adventure :)


Hyeeeee , Good evening, and not to forget , Happy Labour Day !
Hari kedua cuti ni, nak start bercerita mengenai kolej aku, Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor :)

Yeahh, its been such a long while I didnt post anything here, and the only reason is I was sooooooooooo busy ! 10 bulan yang padat-penat-seronok okayyyy 

Okay, so lepas SPM, dapat result semua tu, semua lepasan SPM dapat tawaran masing masing, ada yang ke Asasi , ada yang Politeknik, ada yang Diploma, ada yang ke IPG dan tak lupa juga Matrikulasi, and I was one of them who went to matriculation. This all depends on their REZEKI kan, tak semestinya result bagus dapat tempat hebat hebat ataupun dapat result kurang bagus tak boleh dapat masuk mana mana kan ? 

And I'm one of the example. -----

Beberapa minggu lepas dapat result SPM tuu, aku dapat tau la yang aku ni dapat KOLEJ MATRIKULASI SELANGOR , and I was like WHAAAAAT ??!? 
Awat dapat Selangor ? Aku tak mintak sana pun, dah tu tak pernah tau pun ada matrik Selangor kat Banting nuhh.

And at first I was hesitating to enter there, because I also got another offer from UPM (AsPEr) , dan setelah bincang bincang, mintak pandangan dan fikir semasak masak serebus rebus segoreng gorengnya, I decided to choose - Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor :)

Jadi pada tanggal 27 Mei 2013, aku pun mendaftar la kat situ. Kolej ni kat Banting, Mukim Jugra dikelilingi laadang kelapa sawit dan sangat ceruk yerrrr . Haha biasalah kolej matrikulasi mmg kebanyakan kat kawasan dalam dalam tapi Banting ni not bad laah ! Fyi, kolej ni baru ja bukak, and we're the third batch *kalau tak silap aku la*

First week ----

MPPB - Orientation week untuk pelajar matrikulasi, serius cakap, tobat penat haihh! Tak muhung, memang penat, aktiviti padat, sampai nak makan nasi pun tadak masa wehh. Bukan nak takutkan , tapi memang sumpah penat dan memang kita kena ada ketahanan fizikal dan mental yang kuat laa, sebab benda tu semingggu ja, kena la sabar sikit. Ada jugak pelajar yang keluar dalam masa seminggu tu sebab tak tahan, for me, tak patut la sebab bukannya 10 bulan terus menerus kita dikawal dikonkong macamtu, its just for a week man ! 
Homesick tu biasalah, even me,  who had stayed in hostel for 5 years pun nangis memalam peluk dinding . - kekekeh. tapi semua tu sementara ja, sebab lepas tu anda akan jumpa insan insan baru yang akan jadi SAHABAT-SIBLING-MAK-AYAH-JIRAN-CLASSMATE-ROOMMATE dan *crush* hehehe oops :P

Kat matrik, pelajar dibahagikan ikut modul, ada tiga modul 

Modul 1 : Math , Kimia, Fizik dan Biologi.
Modul 2 : Math, Kimia, Fizik dan Sains Komputer
Modul 3 : Math , Kimia , Biologi dan Sains Komputer.

Ada juga course untuk budak akaun. 

Belajar dalam kuliah, ada kelas tutorial, ada kelas praktikal dan exam ada dua, midsem dan final. Sepanjang sem ada kuiz, dan penilaian berterusan laaa, Sistem pointer macam U laa, dan kat matrik ni life dia lebih kurang cam asasi gak, Silibus pun lebih kurang sama jaa 

Okey, now about those people I met there. First of all, my roommates. Kami semua negeri lain lain woooo, 

Nur Amanina Atikah - Johor
Norathierah - Melaka
Nurida - Pahang
Munira (me) - Kedah !

Sumpah aku sayang gila gia gila kat depa ni, :') Walaupun awai awai tu awkward gila nak rapat, masing masing macam takbleh masuk tapi lepas kami jumpa hobi yang sama, haaah geng ! Okay seriously depa ni memang suka ambik gambaq macam aku, heheh ! Kekadang kat bilik duk sesaja " Weh ambik gambar jom !" Haha, not only that, kami boleh masukkkk sangat, boleh tolak ansur, boleh laa nak melawak mengata menganjing sesama sendiri, dan aku laa tukang bahan depa ni, Roommate awesome depa ni, sangat sangat, Kami selalu stay up sesama, makan sesama, everywhere laaa. Besday semua kami sambut, Dalam masa berapa bulan ja, kami jadi rapat macam dah bertahun kenal. And this is one of the reason why i love matric so much, is that because i find this people, new friends and new memories :") 

Besides that, my classmates ! Haaaa yang ni pun aku sayang sangat. 15 perempuan dan 5 lelaki. 

Ni gambar hari last lab Biology dengan pensyarah mentor kelas kami, Madam Aminawati. Kelas aku ni pun one of the best class i've ever had in my life. Classmate sekepala yang gila gila, boleh melawak kaasaq, haha boleh tiru tiru masa kuiz, boleh makan melepak sesama, study group. Ajar ajar, kelas tambahan sendiri, so much we had done. Memory paling best, masa jamuan kelas, Sepanjang duk matrik ni, depa depa ni la yang menceriakan hari hari kat matrik ni, sebab most of the time meamng dalam kelas ja. Takda sorang pun se negeri dengan aku, haaa so possibility nak jumpa depa lepas ni, ermmm ntah la. Rindu semua :'D

Sambung cerita pasal KMS ni, KMS lawa okay ! Walaupun keliling ladang kelapa sawit , tapi infrastruktur dia semua lawa belaka. Guarantee ! Lagipun KMS kan baru ja bukak , so everything is new. Dewan Kuliah, Library Kelas Tutorial semua tip top !

Pintu masuk

Pemandangan sekitar Kolej Kediaman

Surau As-Sufi

Ada jugak koperasi,ATM, kemudahan sukan, basikal, gelanggang, dan macam macam lagi laa. Keperluan asas boleh dapat kat dalam kolej, jangan risau beb :)

Haaaa, cakap pulak pasal outing, Outing hujung minggu, bleh pergi pekan Banting, atau Klang kee, KL kee depends on kesempatan masa laa. Kat pekan Banting, takda mall, haha xD tapi ada The Store laa kalau nak beli barang. Ada apa lagi ? ada Secret Recipe, McD, KFC, Domino's, Ayamas, Pizza Hut, Econsave dan banyaaaak  lagi, Haaa kalau nak merasa pi mall, naik bas pi Bukit Tinggi, ada Jusco :)

There 's so much too tell about KMS, and I wont be able to tell all here. So sesiapa, juniors keee sesiapa nak tahu pasal matrik, or KMS specificly, boleh tanyaa okay. 

Till then, byeeeee .


Here some photos taken while I was there :D

Roomates dan jiran


And again

Tirah, Ida, Me and Nina

Us :)


Contoh pakaian ke Kuliah !

Classmates in Bluee :)

20 of us with Madam Aminawati :D

Monday, September 9, 2013

Short post - KMS



Lama menghilangkan diri, sebab busy study hahahaha
Actually, no proper idea to write this, saja nak update sebab dah lama tak menulis kat sini,

Currently, furthering studies at Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor :)
This a very wonderful place, and Im QUITE comfortable here *despite tons of works and studies*

With lots of new friends, new environment, and for sure, i have to learn to be independence !
Wehh tinggal jauh 400km++++ dari rumah okay !
And Im a strong girl now :D

Final dah nak dekat, so sekarang ni tersangaattttt busy ya Allah !
So guys, wish me luck
Will update soon after completing my first semester or whenever Im free later. 
Daaaa !

Friday, April 19, 2013

Garam - Its Sunnah

Assaalamualaikum and Hye ^^

Kem cho ? Majama ?
Today I would like to share a sunnah from the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
Sunnah ni jarang orang amalkan, tapi sebenarnya dalam family saya, dah jadi kebiasaan. which is :


Sebenarnya dulu saya pun tak tahu, apa sebenarnya kegunaan merasa garam sebelum makan ni, amalan ni dah jadi kebiasaan dalam family saya sejak kecik lagi, ayah selalu akan pesan supaya merasa garam sebelum dan selepas makan, baca basmallah, kemudian baru makan.Lepas buat kajian sikit (google ja la) baru saya dapat tahu bahawa sbenarnya, merasa garam ini ada banyak kebaikan dan kelebihannya. Salah satunya ,dapat menambahkan keberkesanan perut untuk menghadam makanan dan menghindarkan perut dari menyerap racun. Secara saintifiknya, kajian mendapati kedua belah tangan kita ni menghasilkan 3 macam enzin tetapi kurang konsentrasi disebelah tangan kanan kerana enzim yang berada ditangan kanan itu merupakan enzim yang dapat menolong proses penghadaman.  Ada beberapa bukti dari hadis hadis yang menyatakan , sila tengok yaaa (Sumber : blog )- 

Dari Abdullah Bin Umar: "Sesungguhnya ALLAH menurunkan empat perkara berkat (mempunyai kebaikan) dari langit (menerusi hujan) ke bumi iaitu besi, api ,air dan garam".

Dari Anas Bin Malik, nabi bersabda, "Penghulu segala lauk pauk kamu ialah garam." Tiadalah akan baik makanan itu melainkan dengan garam".

Hadis riwayat Al – Bazzar: Rasulullah pernah menyarankan supaya memakan secubit garam pada awal dan akhir setiap kali minum & makan. Baginda berkata, "Sesiapa yang memulakan minum & makan dengan memakan secubit garam ALLAH akan hindarkan 330 jenis penyakit , yang paling kurang ialah gila kusta, sakit perut dan sakit gigi. Yang bakinya diketahui oleh ALLAH sahaja."
 "Nabi Muhammad SAW akan meletakkan garam di atas piring. Kemudian Nabi Muhammad SAW akan mencecahkan hujung jari kelingking ke atas permukaan garam. Lalu di masukkan ke dalam mulut."

Haa, see . Ada banyak kelebihan merasa garam ini yang boleh dikaitkan untuk mempercepatkan proses penghadaman kita, menghindarkan racun dan pelbagai jenis penyakit. Well, its a new thing for some people, but its not so hard . Kan ? boleh ja kita amalkan kat rumah :D 
Jadi lepas ni , boleh la beritahu kat semua family family, sedara mara, kawan kawan, guru guru dan semua la!

Boleh letak bekas kecik macam ni atas meja makan, jadi bila nampak ni, setiap kali nak makan kita ingat nak merasa garam tu :D

Bukannya banyak pun, ambik secubit saja 

Bukan banyak ni :O

So, that is all I want to share today, Sedikit sebanyak benda yang saya tahu. Harap dapat dimanfaatkan :)
Till then, Khuda Hafiz :D

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Perihal membuat lesen .

And Hye ^^

Kem cho ? Majama ?
Well. Buat lesen ? Lesen apaaa ? Lori ? Kapal Terbang?  oop ooop. Padan aa dgn umur 18 tahun, buat lesen kereta dgn motor la !

Being a full hostel student for 5 years, I never had a chance to ride motorcycle or even try to drive a car . What ?! Yeahh. Asal balik cuti, mesti busy buat homework, then spend time with family, watch TV , online and etc. So, bila dah habis zaman sekolah aku , ( I mean after finishing my SPM ) , mulalaa ayah aku suruh ambik lesen. Ok, macam best . Tapi ....................

I don't even know how to start a motorcycle ! Kereta lagilahh.

Okay, jadi lepastu aku pun mendaftarkan diri untuk ambik lesen. Ceramah , test komputer (47/50) , kursus 6 jam then I started my lesson !

Hari first bawak motor, ok. sumpah malu gilaa. Bayangkan semua orang kat situ, steady ja start motor, masuk litar. But me? Gundah gulana, seram sejuk. Aku pun dengan sejujur jujurnya bagitau

" Pakcik, maaflah, saya memang tak reti bawak motor dan tak penah bawak motor. Errr ...... "
Nasibla pakcik tu baikk, dia tolong start moto, then dia masuk gear siap siap.  Pastu dia suruh pusing pusing ja. Ok, lega jugak. tapi aku bawak terketaq ketaq ooooo . *So Silly of me *

Then, my car lesson. Kereta macam tak takut sangat nak bawak, coz dia stabil kayy . Cuma agak complicated sebab nak jaga clutch,tukar gear, break segala bagai tu. But I still can handle it better than motorcycle. Riding motorcycle just freak me out ! Sampai satu tahap tu, aku jadi macam fobia bawak motor. @.@ why ? Sebab sekali tu, masa aku pergi belajar motor tu, masa nak naik titi. aku terlampau gelabah sampai aku jatuh titi. jatuh tu takpa lagi, gelabah lagi, aku pergi pulas minyak pulak, habis motor tu jatuh sekali dengan aku. Sakit weyy ! Tak cukup dengan sakit tu, malu lagi. Kebetulan haritu ramai pulak yang datang belajar, Arghh! Memang aku frust sampai sebulan tak pernah pegi belajar. Haha *Vengong*
Lepas aku jatuh tu , ada pula insan insan prihatin mai tanya ,
" Adik, ada luka apa apa ka ? "
Memang tak luka pun, tapi lebam lebam .  Tapi, nasiblah kejadian tu jadi sekali ja, lepas tu aku dah makin maintain aa bawak motor, kereta pon baguss ! Walaupun aku dah ada lesen L yang melayakkan aku bawak motor dah, tapi aku tak pernah langsung bawak kat rumah. Sehari sebelum test JPJ , aku bawak. Haha

Lesen L ^^

Then , the day comes. Test JPJ. 2nd April 2013. Awal aku bangun haritu. Confident jugak, tapi still takut. Firstly , I did my motorcycle test. Kat titi, passs , lega ^^ Unfortunately, masa pusing kat kon, aku jatuhkan kaki. which means I FAILED . Goshh ! So, kena ulang la gamaknya -_______-

Car test. Lama sangat aku tunggu, Berjam jam, aku agak dah mesti turn aku waktu petang, tapi tak sangka pulak aku orang paling last kena test  :O Everything went smoothly . The JPJ officer beside me remained silent from the first till the last. Mamang nasib laa, sebab sebelum sebelum tu, dia banyak membebel kat calon lain. Maybe sebab dia dah penat kot ? Haha. And, finally, I passed with the mark (17/20) phewwww !

And now, Im Officialy a car license holder. And im waiting to repeat my motorcycle test. Hopefully, this time i'll pass ! Pray for me !

p/s : maybe this post seems so childish to you, but i ts a moment in my life that i like to share. Kalau nak baca, taknak sudah . :p

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