Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hi !

Wow what a pathetic title isn't it ?

Heartbroken. Patah hati.

Usually people relate heartbreak with relationships , yeah but there are a lot of reason to be heartbroken right ? Exams, career,desire,needs anything that is not fulfilled, or maybe isn't accomplished or doesn't go as you planned will give you heartbreak. I bet all of us , pernah once in a life heartbroken. *yeah yeah me too*

Its painful right ? You''ll feel depressed, feel that this world mean nothing, feel gloomy, feel down, rasa serba tak kena, rasa hidup tak adil. Aku rasa everyone should go through this thing once in life, hahahaa bukan nak doakan tak baik baik, but you'll learn something from all this.

In this critical heartbroken period *fuhhh* , you'll eventually learn to bring out your inner strength. You'll know how to manage your emotion, manage your feelings, and learn how to get through this critical things. At the same time, hampa jugak akan kenai sapa dia kawan yang hampa boleh harap nak nangis, nak luah perasaan, kawan yang boleh comfortkan hang. You''ll learn who will always be there for you. Patah hati ni bukan benda biasa *i guess* sebab in medical side, anything causing depression is harmful for your health.

Depressed--takmau makan--takmau jumpa orang---unaware of surrounding--feel miserable--affect your daily life--health problem.


Why I'm posting this all of sudden ?

Aku heartbroken ka ?*well itu dulu*
My friends. A lot of people around me heartbroken. Kawan sedih, takkan la kita tak sedih kan ? But anyway, i still believe everything happens for a reason. and specially in case of relationship............ Takpa, better one will come for you :)

So, kalau heartbroken, Takpa, cry as much as you want, tell anyone you trust the most, lepaskan semua *let it gooooo* Its a natural reaction. Get through that depression thing, believe that something better will come after that . Percayalah :)

Till then, bye !

p/s: EOB in two weeks, doakan !

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