Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fresh Start !

HYE ! 
Its been a year since I last updated my blog, being so busy and lazy too , Guess where I am now ? 
Alhamdulillah, after my matriculation break, waited for so long, interviews and all that, finally . I got Medicine in UNIMAS. Hooray ! Dreams came true , yeppp :D
Punya lah lama tak update blog, sampai dah second year degree ni, see the gap ? 

Well, basically lepas dah masuk Medic ni, ramai yang tanya, okay tak? susah tak? stress? DAH BEDAH ORANG BELUM? -____-   what !!?? 
Apa hampa expect kami masuk hari pertama degree pegang pisau belah orang ???  Nahh, its a common perception of people toward those who take medicine. They expect us to know like EVERY single thing about medicine. Serious! People expect us to live healthily, being aware of EVERY health things and the most common thing we'll hear is .......

"Alahhhh, budak medic kot takkan ni pun taktauu"
One month back, my family was having a family gathering, and what to expect else in such gathering ? Of course some MEDICINE things. I was literally fed up, because holiday means holiday please, no medic terms at all please ! HAHA , just joking. 
Masa gathering tu, ada la sekali aku masuk dapoq, aku tolong, pastu nak guna microwave oven nak panaskan makanan. Suddenly, my aunt stopped me...

" Eh no, you can't heat that in microwave oven, or else the food will bla bla bla bla bla. You SHOULD know, Medical student kan "
 See that ? -_- Dah kebal la dengan statement macam ni sebenarnya. 

How about life being a medical student ?Very busy! Selalunya budak degree lain akan cakap, "Kitorang pun busy jugak, banyak assignment,banyak assessment". Yes, I admit that , they have a busy life too. Semua course susah. What makes MEDIC extra susah ?

1- Kelas pack, starts as early as and ends as late as 5 pm. Depends on the timetable. And our timetable is fixed by the faculty. Bukan mcm student course lain,boleh susun jadual sendiri :(

2- We have less holidays. Basically, in our faculty (Unimas) , we only have holidays for festive season (Raya,CNY,Gawai etc etc) and one month - end of year holiday. Thats it . We don't have mid semester break, sem breaks for like 2-3 months and long holidays. Less holidays, means MORE classes, that just because our syllabus is very broad and there are a lot of thing to cover in 5 years .

3- We need to revise all thing daily, weekly,monthly , yearly EVERYDAY ! although sometimes we are procrastinating too Yes, and that is beause we have to apply those thing in future, We're going to deal with human life, not merely a simple thing, its HUMAN LIFE dude ! Not to judge all other students, but from what I know laaaa, orang lain rilek rilek ja, nak dekat exam baru study. KOT. 

4- We have to be extra good in english, Language is not an easy thing kan? Our syllabus is fully in english, some high standard words, some medical terms. We have to communicate in English, our PBL session , our lecturers are some foreigners. So, we need to be good in english. But in a way, it helped me a lot to improve in english. :)

5- HUMAN IS COMPLICATED. and what do you expect when you have to learn every single possible thing in human ? from the smallest cell to the biggest organ, the Anatomy, Physiology,Pathology,Biochemistry bla bla bla. Kind of headache. 

Well, I hope I have pictured the hardness of MEDICINE. Its more harder that what written here. but hey! If you enjooyed it,learn it by heart and put some efforts, it won't be that hard right ? *ayat sedapkan hati sebenaqya* :)

So, I guess that's it for now. My fresh start of blogging , again ! Takpayah la baca post post lepas, tu merapu meraban semua . Bye ! 

-8.37 pm- *studying anatomy for Quiz this Tuesday*

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