Tuesday, June 7, 2011

English Pleasee..!

Erm, today I like to write my entry in english.!

Is it ok??

What am i going to talk about is all about the one who are always with us,

Whether in ups and downs..

For me, it will surely be my Family n Friends lahh!

About my Loving family,

I love them much n much!

My Parents n My Two Awesome Brothers,

Really make my life wonderful.

Even we have our problems, but we surely can compromise

And, with laughter and smile, We are having a very Splendid Life!


My dearest, Angah Blink. My Besties for sure. :)

it's her laah!

ayu l00king~

she's pretty much la!
We, have been friends since Form 1..

At first,we had a Big GRoup, named sumthin like this, J.E.M.S.A.F

When we g0t int0 form 2, all of us were seperated,

Except for us, Best friend till that!

Untill form three, we had much great memories!

Fight? of Course we had it!

Remembering that makes me laugh! What a Siilly. ~

We both got 8 A's n PMR, but she does not continue her further studies at MRSM :(

All bec0z, She hates Maths! Rite? hee~

This Year, i felt such a loneliness without her,

Very often, I remembers her,

Guess what, Recently, i've just met her.!

Such a pleasure meeting her,at KL.!

I said to Angah,

This is your biggest birthday surprise.! hee~


Ok, im tired of typing this..till here ok? byee..

Tea-time lah!

p/s: Ok tak english aku.? br0ken gila..haha.-.-''

Speaking me,

Munira Mustansir

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